About us

In 2016, longtime friends, Anthony Samadani and Maryum Ali (Muhammad Ali’s oldest child) decided to do something to combat the constant negative sentiments that seemed to be flowing everywhere they looked (from social media/TV to everyday conversations).  They wanted to remind themselves and others that there is so much GOOD in the world.  So they set out to create a simple yet meaningful and effective wearable reminder to do GOOD.  

After writing the words GOOD so many times, they began to see the words, GOD.  It was in that moment that they realized that WITHIN GOOD, THERE IS GOD (“WITHIN GOOD”). This branded their mission.  To have a daily wearable reminder to do good - feel good and ultimately connect with God.

Within Good is NOT a religious bracelet or company.  The concept is to go back to the basics of doing good for yourself and others.  At the end of the day, to us, God symbolizes PEACE, LOVE, HARMONY, PERFECTION, HAPPINESS, SERENITY, CONNECTEDNESS, PURPOSE and any other word that makes you feel GOOD.